Monday, January 31, 2011

Wish List

I have a huge wish list. Do you? Or am I the only weird one that has one? I love selling and trading so I can try out new diapers.
#1 I would LOVE to try a Raga Babe. I think that is #1 on my wish list. I want to try both the AIO and the AI2.
#2 Nifty Nappy is next on my list. I want to try one before she goes out of business :' ( I would love to try her Heavy Doody diaper too.
#3 Fuzzi Bunz OS Hemp diaper. I've always wanted to try the FB OS and now that they have the hemp I want to try it even more! I'm trying to go more natural and do more organic diapers so I'm really wanting to try this one!
#4 Charlie Banana. I've heard nothing but good things about them but I'm not a fan of front stuffing diapers so I'm nervous about getting one. I would love to try them and see why everyone loves them though.
#5 Happy Heiny. Surprisingly, I have never tried a HH before. I'm not a velcro fan and I've heard mixed reviews about them. I would like to try one though. I want to try one of every diaper brand out there : ) Plus I love their new prints!
#6 SoftBums. I have been seeing these around and I've been wanting to snag one. I haven't really heard anything about the diapers so I'm nervous to try them. They look great though!
#7 Blueberry. I've wanted to try these for the longest time. I don't know why I've never bought one though. I love the prints!
#8 GroVia AIO. Now I have one of these but they are on my wish list! I want their new prints SO bad!!! I want to get a few more! Love these diapers!
#9 Bottombumpers. I am very curious about these! I have heard pretty good things about them so I would love to try one out!
#10 Cutiepoops. I've been wanting to try these for the longest time! They look so cute!
#11 The Eli Monster Pocket diaper. I've seen this on Ali and Swan and they are SO cute! I'm nervous about ordering from WAHMs (after I've gotten ripped off a LOT) but Ali and Swan only carry the best of products and I'm wanting tons of diapers she carries.
#12 OrangePiggy's LittleDog. This isn't a diaper but GORGEOUS longies and shorties. Her work is AMAZING and I've been wanting to order something from her for a LONG time now. I have a cute little bear I've won from her and I love it! Her work is awesome!

SO... What is on your wish list?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bum Genius aio (Elemental)

I FINALLY bought my first Elemental a few weeks ago. I am CHEAP! so it was hard for me to justify spending $27 on one diaper. But I am in love so far! It is organic cotton on the inside which is nice and soft on the inside. It is also a One Size diaper so it will last you much longer than the sized AIOs. They are very absorbent!!! My LO slept much longer than I expected (about an extra 2 hours than he normally does) and he didn't have a leak at all! I was amazed!

My review:
I really like this diaper! Love that it's one size, organic and natural fibers, absorbent, and very well made. The only thing I don't like is that the poo doesn't come off as easily as the Deluxe AIO. Other wise, a great diaper!
I will post a picture soon.

Bum Genius AIO (Deluxe)

The All In Ones are very similar to the pocket diapers. Except that instead of stuffing the diaper, the insert is already attached. It's the most simplest diaper! It's a great started diaper. All you have to do it put it on, take it off, and put on a new one. Very "Daddy" friendly! It is a sized diaper instead of a One Size diaper which means it's trimmer.

Here is my LO (4 months old) in a Deluxe AIO

My review:
These are one of my favorite diapers! They are absorbent, trim, easy to use, and cute! I love that they are one piece of fabric on the inside which makes it VERY easy to clean off when LO poops. The only thing I don't like about them is that it takes FOREVER to dry!! And that they tend to stink more than any other diaper. Oh and they are discontinued : ( Hate that! I can barely find them anywhere! Beth from Sweet Bottoms Baby Boutique still have some left! So if you are interested in trying one out, I would hurry and get them now before they are all gone. The link to her store is on the right side of the screen! (The first button) She offers free shipping on every order to the US.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bum Genius 4.0 Review

Since Bum Genius was my first cloth diaper, I guess I should start with them. Let me tell you a little about BG first. Their 4.0 pocket diaper has a suedecloth inner so it helps wick the moisture away from the baby. They improved their hook and loop (velcro) to make it stronger. They also added snaps (YAY!) which a lot of mom's love. They have a microfiber insert that snaps down to fit in better for smaller babies. They also made their sizes more generous. I had to move my my LO to the next snap settings (to the second snaps) when he was about 7 months old which was very good. Most of my other pocket diapers, I had to move them up when he was about 5 months old.

My review:

I really like this diaper. It's simple, dries fast, durable, and pretty reasonably priced, which I love. The only things I don't really like about this diaper are the prints. Or lack of prints I should say. I love the darker bright colors but I'm a 'prints' kind of girl. I also don't really like the microfiber inserts. I'm trying to go more natural because I've had too many issues with stinkies : ( But they do offer a more natural option (the Elemental diapers) which I am falling in love with. But that's another review. It's a great diaper!

How It All Started

When I was pregnant, I decided I would do disposable diapers. I thought cloth diapers were gross! And I'm NOT touching poop! EW!! I had my son and cloth diapers never really entered my mind. A few months later, my friend posted a link about Pampers and chemical burns. She posted it as "Another reason to use cloth diapers". I read the article and I was horrified!! There was a picture of a poor baby's bum with BURNS all over it! My heart broke for that poor child. I vowed to never use Pampers! A few weeks went by and she posted another link about the chemical burns. I read the article and I started thinking about cloth diapers. Before reading the articles, I never thought about chemicals in disposable diapers. I only want the best for my son so I started really thinking about cloth diapers. I was nervous though. I knew nothing about them or how to take care of them.
So I asked my friend about them and how to take care of them. She helped me SO much! She gave me a run down of the different kinds of CDs and websites of a few different brands. I didn't even know CDs had come so far! I thought they were prefolds and plastic pants. So I looked and looked and finally decided to buy 2 used diapers from Diaper Swappers. I bought a Thirsties AIO and a BG AIO.

My LO in his first CD

I fell in love right away! They were cute and my LO looked SO cute in them! They were horrible diapers. They leaked all over because the previous owner didn't take care of them right (the leaked through the front of the diaper as if they were fitteds). But I fell in love anyway! And so the addiction began. Now we are able to cloth diaper full time (7 months later) and we both love it.


I decided to make a blog dedicated to cloth diapers and cloth diaper addicts! I will be reviewing products and occasionally doing giveaways! If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway email me at secondxstar at hotmail dot com