Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Imagine Tutu Review

I got the tutu in the mail and I fell in LOVE! It is gorgeous and sparkly! It fits 12-24 months old. The waist is super soft and stretchy. The length of the tutu is 7 inches (from where the tulle starts to the bottom of the tutu).

The colors are SO bright and vibrant. I am in love with the glitter too. It is SO much cuter in person (I'm sorry I do not have my nice camera to take pictures with).

It is very well made. I looked all around at the tulle and it is on there very securely.

The adorable peace sign bow is unattachable! How awesome is that?! You can attach different bows or flowers onto the front and make it look like a brand new tutu every time you put it on.

I tried to get a close up of the tutu so you can see the glitter. Again, sorry for the crappy camera. You can also see how well made it is. Isn't it just so adorable?! I LOVE it!

Here it is on my LO. It fit pretty well. My LO is 15 months and 22 pounds so VERY skinny. It fit well but had TONS of room to grow. I think it adorable! The length is perfect. Not too short or too long.
You can buy a tutu here and they start out at $15. A tutu like this one is $20. She even makes tutu's for adults. How cool is that?! You can view her price and size list here. All prices are very reasonable!