Saturday, February 2, 2013

gDiapers Review and *Giveaway*

gDiapers are probably one of my favorite diapers. Actually I can safely say, they are my favorite diapers. I first tried gDiapers when my son was about 4 months old. I loved the fit and the look of them. We bought them used and they didn't work too well. I ended up reselling them. About a year later, I ended getting sucked back into them. They have such cute prints and colors. They usually do 2 new releases a year. I fell in love right away. Not only was the diaper adorable, it worked fantastic!
My son in his first gDiaper. How adorable is that? 
gDiapers are a very unique diapering system. Not like anything you've ever seen before. The outside of the diaper is cotton. There are 4 snaps on the inside of the diaper.
The liner snaps into the little gPant. It is made of breathable nylon which is waterproof. 
They have a few different choices of inserts. They have gCloth which is made of hemp/cotton on the bottom and microfleece on the top. They are okay. I have heavy wetters so I usually have to double up or add a booster with them. They also have a flushable (YES flushable!) insert. This is one of the things I love about gDiapers. You can toss them in the trash (don't worry,  they are 100% biodegradable!), compost them (don't ever compost poopy ones!), or flush them.
Stuffed with a flushable insert. 
How awesome is that? It makes cleaning them so much easier. It's a great transition from disposable to cloth. Especially if you are nervous about the whole cleaning part of it. You can also use other inserts in them as well. Prefolds (which are much cheaper and absorbent), charcoal bamboo, even other brands (I like Flip stay dry inserts). They are velcro diapers and they attach on the back. It is perfect for little toddlers who like to undo their diapers. Having the velcro in the back makes it harder for them to get off.
These are trim and absorbent diapers. They are adorable and totally eco friendly! They come in 5 sizes. Tiny 6-10 pounds, Small 8-14, Medium 13-28 pounds, Large 26-36 pounds, and Extra Large 34+ pounds. Get ready for some picture over loads.

 My daughter in a tiny g. She was about a week old here. 

 My son in a medium g. He was about 2 years old here. 

They also make matching tees and dresses that match with the diapers. I love them! They are soft and comfortable. 

gDiaper is an awesome company. Go like their Facebook page and show them some love. They are currently donating a portion of their proceeds from their new XOXO (Gift of Love) diaper to go to Hands to Heart International.  Want a chance to win one? Well you are in luck! We are giving away a large Gift of Love gDiaper. Want to buy one? Check out everything they offer in their store. They offer tons of stuff including wipes, wet bags, custom Sea Bags, and even adorable sippy cups.

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