Wednesday, April 29, 2015

GroVia O.N.E. All in One Review and *Giveaway*!

On the largest and the smallest settings. 
Meet GroVia's new diaper, O.N.E. It is an all in one and the really cool features of this diaper include super absorbent materials, your choice of either snaps or velcro in ONE diaper. Yes you heard it right! There is a velcro strip you can attach to the front snaps to turn it into a velcro diaper. How awesome is that? So you prefer snaps and your babysitter or significant other likes velcro, well now you can both enjoy this diaper.

The diaper fits from about 10-35 pounds. It's pretty tight on my chunky 1 year old but it still fits pretty well with a little room to grow. The diaper doesn't need to be prepped like their other diapers and inserts. It comes with two inserts. One is smaller (the booster) and is great for using on smaller babies or kids who don't produce a lot of urine. Use both inserts together and it's great for heavy wetters or even for night time!

I have been using this diaper for the past few weeks and I am really loving it. It has been lasting my heavy wetter for hours. I wish I would have gotten a few more because I love it! The velcro strip is so strong. Sometimes it's hard to pull off which is great. Just means it will last longer and better than  lot of other brands. The only downside is that it's a little bulky when using both inserts but I don't mind and the baby doesn't seem to mind either. They are planned to be released May 11th.  

 Look how adorable it is with the matching onesie! Want to win one for your baby? Head over to our Facebook page and enter to win. Good luck!