Sunday, July 28, 2013

Q & Lu Cloth Diaper Review

I was asked to review Q & Lu's pocket diaper. I received a size 2 pocket diaper (which is meant for taller, chunkier babies). She makes 4 different sizes so you get the best fit possible for your baby. The outside of the diaper is PUL which makes them waterproof. The inside of the diaper is soft microfleece which helps wick moisture away from the baby.

 The diaper on the biggest rise setting. 

 The inside of the diaper. You can see there is a pocket opening in the back of the diaper. 

The diaper on the smallest rise setting. 

There are 3 snaps on each of the tabs (see picture below). The top two snaps are male snaps and the bottom is a female snap. It's a little different than most diapers but I actually liked this feature a lot. 

 I used this diaper with a few different inserts and the results were the same. We loved this diaper! We never had any leaks. In these pictures, it is stuffed with a charcoal bamboo insert. The diaper is pretty trim no matter what insert you are using.

My baby is pretty chunky. She is about 23 pounds (or more) at 11 months old. She is on the medium snap rise, as you can see in the picture. The fit is great! The diaper is adorable and affordable.

You can find her Facebook page here. You can also see some of the other adorable diapers she's made here. She also makes fleece covers, nursing pads, and more. Go show her some love and check out everything she has to offer.