Monday, November 21, 2011

Top 10 Favorite WAHMs!

I've been thinking about some of my favorite WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) lately and wanted to share my top 10 favorites. It was hard to narrow it down. (There are SO many wonderful moms out there!) There is no particular order. I am not including diaper makers because that would make the list even harder!
1.) Crafted By Cassie. She is an awesome WAHM who makes some wonderful things. Everything she makes is high quality and she has such a big heart. Some of the things she makes are chalkboard mats (I bought my son one for Christmas! I'm so excited!!), cooking aprons and chef hats that match (they are adorable), custom nap mats, and so much more! Everything is so unique and adorable. You can see all her albums of everything she makes here.
2.) The Ruffled Cupcake. She makes some of the *cutest* headbands, bows, and hair things ever! They are not the normal kind of hair accessories you see on Facebook. They are fancy, classy, and vintage. I've bought a few things from her (I'm actually wearing one of them right now!). They are high quality and not expensive (and not just for babies!). She makes a wide variety of  items. You can see all of her amazing things here and her Etsy page here.
3.) Educated Mama Decals. She makes car decals (or decals for windows and walls). I have 3 decals (and plan on ordering 2 more soon!) and I love them!! They are made very well (I've had my first decal on the car for months and they look great even through the weather and all the dirt roads I drive on.) and are fairly priced. You can see all her customs here and her HyenaCart page here.
4.) OrangePiggy's LittleDog. She makes custom wool knit pants, shorts, sweaters, and more! I found her forever ago and won a little bear. My son loved it! It was made so well. If I had the money, I would totally buy some custom longies from her. (They are on my wish list) Everything she makes is so pretty. You can see her work here. (Aren't they gorgeous?)
5.) Sugar Sweet Baby. She makes bamboo baby carrier wraps (like a Moby wrap but super cute and comfy). Someone gave me one when I was pregnant and man oh man! It was such a life saver. We went out when my baby was 3 days old. I wrapped him up and he slept the entire time we were shopping. Everyone commented on how cute the wrap was and how crazy I was for going out and about after just giving birth 3 days ago. We used it for 9 months. Almost every single time I wore him, he would fall asleep. I wore him almost all day long at our family reunion (when he was about 4 months old). It was so amazing to be able to make sure he got his naps during the day and not have to leave so he could nap. There were lots of parents there (we have a HUGE family) who had to leave so their kids could nap. He was being held and was happy the entire day. The mama behind the business is awesome as are the wraps. They are SO soft and cute! She has tons of cute prints and colors. You can see pictures on her Facebook page here and her website here.
6.) Ever Sew Clever. She makes a ton of awesome things. Some of the things she makes are reusable bowl covers (They rock. You can see my review of them here), reusable snack bags (I have one and I love it!),  a ton of cute toys for the kids, and more. Everything is made very well and is reasonably priced. She also does FFS giveaways (usually on Fridays).You can see more of what she makes on her Facebook page here and her Etsy page here.
7.) Little Lady Designs. I know I don't have a girl but I have bought many things from her. She makes cute little bows and clippies for girls (and moms too!). I have given some of them to my nieces and even worn some myself (I totally rocked a turkey clippie for Thanksgiving last year. Everyone loved it). They are well made and are pretty cheap. She always does sales and even has a monthly giveaway on her Facebook page. You can see all her work here.
8.) Pink 'n Yellow Butterfly. She makes adorable hats and custom knit things. I won a custom hat last year and I'm SO glad I did. It's gorgeous and SO well made! Everyone loves his hat and always acts where I bought it. She's one talented mama! You can see all of her custom work here  and her website here.
9.) Bouncing Woolies. She makes dryer balls. I rave and rave about how wonderful they are all the time (you can see my review of them here). She does some AMAZING custom work! (She needle felts them by hand, no tracing or outlining. Done all by imagination.) I have said in my review about how well they are made. I've had mine for about a year and a half with no problems. (I have her older 'yarn wrapped' styles and they are still going strong!) She's an awesome mama who puts a lot of love and time into her products. You can see her products on her Facebook page here and her website here.
10.) Cotton Cheeks. I know I said I didn't include diaper makers and even though Cotton Cheeks does make diapers, she also makes a bunch of other great things! She makes my favorite mama pads (You can see my review here), fleece pants/shorts/covers, wet bags, trainers, and some adorable dresses (her mom makes them). Everything is very reasonably priced and SO well made. I love everything she makes. You can see custom work here and her HyenaCart page here.

There are just some of my favorite WAHMs! Who are your favorites? I love finding new shops. Feel free to post a comment here or on our Facebook page and let me know who your favorites are.