Monday, October 31, 2011

What's My Favorite Diaper?

I have been cloth diapering for about 16 months now. I have always loved All In Ones. I go through different stages (trying new brands or styles) but I always go back to my AIOs. They are easy! Simple as that. Maybe it's because my first diapers I tried were AIOs. They are trim, absorbent, and cute!
LO in his first cloth diaper! A BumGenius AIO. Even though the PUL was messed up (He peed straight through the diaper in less than an hour, as if it were a fitted.) I LOVED them! They were easy to use and easy to get started with. The only thing I hated about the BG AIOs were the VERY long drying time. But I still used them and bought many more. 
Then our new love because our GroVia AIOs! They were even trimmer than the BG (which shocked me. The BG were very trim), just as absorbent, and the best part. Quicker drying time! YAY! I love the natural fiber (even though I would prefer to have a stay dry top) and love the side snaps. The tabs are super soft and stretchy and it seems like a very comfy diaper! 
In his GroVia Nature print. 

And then I found RagaBabe. I had heard tons of great things about them but couldn't justify the price. $28 plus shipping for just ONE diaper? I'm cheap. Spending that much was very hard for me. Heck, spending over $20 was hard for me. But I quickly learned, you get what you pay for. I bought plenty of cheaper diapers and they leaked and fit horribly.
After months of looking and looking, I finally made the plunge. I bought one to try out. It was a tie dye diaper. I knew I would love it just because of the way it looked. Very cute and unique. When I first got it I was excited and impressed. The cute star shaped velcro was adorable and STRONG! Way stronger than any other Velcro diapers I had. I love Velcro on AIOs. I am not sure why. Maybe because I know anyone can use it and it makes it even easier for those who are unsure about snaps (like grandmas or dads).
We tried it and I loved it. The fit was amazing. I love the wide elastic at the back of the diaper. Makes it seem like such a comfy diaper. So trim and such a cute little bum. It is very absorbent and actually has a very quick drying time. Another thing I love about RagaBabes are the stay dry lining. I have taken the diaper off my LO and even though it's wet, he feels DRY! I also love that the absorbent part of the diaper is made from bamboo rayon so you get the natural fibers plus a stay dry lining! Perfect combo.

I ended up buying two (3 if you count a newborn diaper) more as soon as I could. I actually sold most of my stash just so I could afford to buy 3 RagaBabes. Right now I have  5 AIOs and I wish I could have my whole stash RagaBabes! I usually like to have a nice variety of diapers. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a fitted or a pocket diaper or I like different prints and colors other brands offer. I like to have a big variety. Since getting RagaBabes however, I would love if my whole stash was RagaBabes! I love to buy and trade every few months but I could never even being to imagine giving up my Rags!  

My little stash.
My Star Candy 2 Step

What is your favorite kind of diaper? What type of diaper do you love and prefer? Tell me your experience!