Wednesday, January 23, 2013

BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper Review

I've been testing out BabyKicks Premium pocket diaper and I love it! It is a one size pocket diaper with side snaps. (They also have a velcro version.) It will fit from 7 pounds (YES it will fit your newborn! See video below.) to about 40 pounds. It has a water proof outer, fleece leg gussets, and a bamboo velour inner. The unique fleece leg gussets allow for air flow to help your babies bum breath. It's great for rashes and it helps regulate the temperature. It comes with a super absorbent one size JoeyBunz hemp insert. The insert is 6 layers of hemp/organic cotton jersey. You also get a stay dry liner which is great for naps, nights, or if your baby is sensitive to wetness. The pocket opening is at the front of the diaper. I love this feature especially when it's a soiled diaper. Makes clean up much easier! 

 The insert is a bit longer than the diaper which is great! You can fold it up to increase absorbency into the wet zone. 

 You can see the fleece gussets and how trim the diaper is! 

On my chunky monkey who is 5 months old. It's a great fit! 

 I put it on my almost 3 year old as training pants. They worked great! Easy to pull down and the inside of the diaper adds a little extra absorbency for accidents. 

You can buy these awesome diapers here. They are only $21.50 which is a great price for natural fibers. I think you will be very happy with your purchase of these diapers. Babykicks is an awesome company! Go like their Facebook page and show some support to a made in the USA company!
Here is the video that shows how to make the diaper fit on a newborn. It's ingenious! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

1,500 Fan Giveaway

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