Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rarpz Review

I was asked to review Rarpz pocket diapers. Rarpz is a company out of New Zealand. She sent me two of the cutest diapers! One is a little shark (with a fin on the back of it) and the other is a glow in the dark Halloween diaper. 
They are made of minky which is a super soft fabric. The inside of the diaper is super soft microfleece. The inserts are half bamboo and half microfiber. You fold the insert into thirds and then stuff it into the diaper. There is elastic around the opening of the pocket. 
Sorry for the sideways picture 

At first I was a little nervous to try these diapers out. First of all, I do not like pocket diapers. I've tried many brands and I usually end up selling them because pockets just don't work for us. And secondly, I do not like minky. As nice as the fabric is, I've found that minky really leaks and wicks around the legs. I've tried multiple brands and for some reason, minky diapers all do that for us. But that is not the case at all with Rarpz diapers! They are such great diapers! We've been using them for both kids (2 month old and 30 month old) who both happen to be very heavy wetters. We have never had a leak in these diapers. I tried them out for naps on the first day and both kids slept longer than usual. They held up perfectly.
The inserts are very absorbent. I love that they are made of two of the most absorbent materials. The inserts are easy to stuff and can hold a ton of pee! They fit perfectly on both kids. They are a tiny bit bulky on my 2 month old but it doesn't bother her and they work great. (All other One Size diapers are still bulky on her as well.)
 How adorable are these Shark Pups? 
 On my 30 month old who is around 28 pounds. 
 On my chunky 2 month old. She's around 11 pounds.  
 Perfect for Halloween! Are these so adorable?
Glow in the dark! 
I must say that these are now one of my favorite diapers. I've been set on my favorite brands of diapers for the past year and no other diaper I've tried has come close to becoming my favorite. (Trust me, I've tried a ton!) Until these came along! These are the first diapers I reach for after they come out of the wash. I can't wait to buy more of these awesome diapers!

Visit their Facebook page or their shop. They have such unique and cute diapers. They have different colors of 'Shark Pups' so even girls can wear them. They also have really cute 'Pumpkin Butts' which are similar to the Shark Pups. They do amazing custom work too.

The winner of the giveaway will receive a Halloween glow in the dark diaper. The giveaway will close on the 23rd at midnight. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to an email to claim the prize (that way you can get it in time for Halloween). The email address that I will use to contact you is the email associated with your Facebook profile so make sure you check it and our Facebook page for updates.

*Rarpz recommends washing the glow in the dark diapers in cold water to help keep the glow in the dark intact with the fabric. I have been washing ours in warm for about a month and the glow in the dark is still intact.

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