Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cotton Cheeks Mama Pads

Since I am giving one away, I figured I might as well do a review on them right : ) So what are mama pads? Well to be straight forward, reusable pads. I know what you are thinking. Eww! Gross. Why would you do that?! I thought the same thing when I first heard about them. But (I'm sorry but I am going to be VERY blunt for this review) there are sometimes (like when I first start my period but don't know it) when I bleed a little in my undies. It's true and I know it happens to everyone. What do you do? Throw the undies away? I'm cheap so heck NO! I wash them. I know it's not exactly the same kind of thing but that's how I got use to the idea.
Disposable pads are full of chemicals and tampons are even worse. I've always been a tampon kind of girl and TSS has always scared me even when I was younger. These are chemical free and save you tons of money! Plus these are COMFY and breathable! No more feeling like you are wearing a diaper. (Wasn't there a commercial that said that forever ago? Do you remember it?) I wish I would have discovered these sooner!

I am in LOVE with these pads! I have about 5 different brands and these are by far my favorite!! They are perfect in all ways. They are the right length (mine are 9 inch), they fit perfectly in my undies (to be blunt), and they are COMFY!!! The minky make them SO SO SO nice! It's like you are sitting on a cloud (okay maybe that's a little over exaggerated but they are very nice!) They don't leak (mine don't have PUL but you can add them to the pads for $1 more). I know some people are worried about that but I've never had leaks with Cotton Cheeks pads. I love the fabric choices she has too. Aren't they so cute?
They are $3 each (9 in. liner) and you can buy them here when she does her stocking on February 18th. Seriously, you will love them!

*EDITED* I also wanted to add that a lot of moms claim that their cramps are lighter and flow not as heavy when using mama pads. When I first heard this I thought "What a load of crap!" I've been using mama pads for about 4 months now and my periods and cramps have gotten better! Before using mama cloth, I had BAD cramps for the first 2 days. So bad that they would wake me up at night! Now, I only have bad cramps for about a half a day. I'm not miserable for the first few days anymore. Crazy I know! I don't understand it but I love it!

Another really cool thing about these pads is the star. One star is a light pad/panty liner. Two stars are is medium flow. And of course three stars is heavy flow. Makes it REALLY nice and convenient when you are unsure which is which.

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