Saturday, March 5, 2011

NEW Rumparooz Covers!

I was excited when I heard Rumparooz made covers! I have been getting more into fitteds and prefolds and I needed a good cover for when we go out and about. I am not a huge fan of their pocket diapers. They run REALLY small in my opinion and I've had a few issues with them. My 12 month old can wear the pocket diapers completely unsnapped and he is a very skinny guy.
This was on the last snap setting with a SBISH snapless underneath. I didn't like the fit AT ALL! But I had it on the wrong snap setting. I was worried about the elastic being too tight on him.

Definately was too big on him!

Can you see how much extra fabric there is?

FIXED! I fixed it to the second snap setting and it was a MUCH better fit! I was surprized at how generous it was!

The fit (once I fixed it) was great! Very trim! I am going to put a bulkier option under it and see how that works too.

He ended up napping in this and no red marks! YAY! The diaper was SOAKED (he is a crazy heavy wetter) but no leaks out of the legs or back or anything. I was happy!
It worked really great! I have only used it once but I liked it so far! I am going to post more pictures of this compred to a few name brand diapers later. (And more detailed pictures of the actual cover)

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