Friday, May 20, 2011

What Works For Nights?

We've always had a hard time finding something that worked at nights. Even before we cloth diapered, we had leaks with disposable diapers. It has been very frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night/morning because your baby is sopping wet and can't sleep. Or even worse when YOU wake up wet because you cosleep! My son sleeps about 10-13 hours at night and is a very heavy wetter which makes it very hard to find something that works.
Disposable diapers leak a lot. There have been so many times my son has peed through a disposable diaper in 2 hours (happened more in the day time).
All In Ones never worked very well for us. I would stuff it with an extra insert but we'd get leaks for the most part. If your LO isn't a very heavy wetter, it would work great. I know a lot of moms use this with success. (I tried BumGenius AIOs.)
I've only tried one brand of All In Twos. I had a few different hybrids but never tried them at night because I knew they wouldn't work with our heavy wetter. I did try one brand (Doodle Dypes) and it worked great! I only tried it a few times but I never had a leak. (I used two snap in inserts. By the time I had tried this, I had found another solution that worked better.)
Pockets have mixed reviews. For some people, they work GREAT and never have problems! For us, it has worked sometimes, and other times NOT AT ALL! I've used mulitple brands and inserts and still have had leaks. I've used major brands, "overnight" diapers, 2 microfiber inserts, bamboo inserts, hemp, you name it, I've probably tried it. I've tried messing with the rise of the diapers, snapping them looser and tighter. It was a long frustrating road. They worked great at first for about the first month and then we started having problems. Maybe it was because my LO was getting older and peeing more. After 5 months of having to change him in the middle of the night because he had peed through his diaper or waking up to a very wet baby I was sick of it! I HAD to find a new solution. (The brands I tried were BumGenius, RumpaRooz, Kawaiis [a few different kinds of them] and no name brands.
And this is where Fitteds come in. I kept hearing about people using fitteds at night and I was very skeptical. I bought one brand of fitted a few months prior and my LO had peed through it in 10 minutes. I thought "How can this last overnight?" After about a month of hearing about how wonderful fitteds are, I finally bought one. I was VERY nervous to try this. I had also bought a pair of Wool longies because I heard that is the best to pair with fitteds. I prepped the wool and very nervously, put it on my son. I kept checking him every hour just expecting him to be wet. I went to bed and just knew he was going to be sopping wet in the morning.
I woke up and rushed in to check him. He was DRY! I was amazed! I took off his longies and the fitted was SOAKED! I was in awe. Why did I not try this sooner?! The next week I kept expecting him to be wet and every time I would use a fitted, he would wake up dry. I ended up buying 3 more of the same brand and couldn't be happier. We have NEVER had a leak when using fitteds and wool. (We use sustainablebabyish fitteds and wool and HIGHLY recomend them!)
What kind of cover should I pair with my fitteds?
Fleece is a great, cheap option. It is water resistant (not waterproof) so it may or may not work. I have never used this at night but if your LO isn't a heavy wetter, this would be a great option to try. I do not think fleece would hold up for heavy wetters at night. I love fleece covers for day time though.
PUL is a waterproof cover and is a good option for nights. I have used a Rumparooz cover at night and we didn't have leaks.
Wool is the option I would prefer and recomend. It is more breathable that PUL and when wearing a diaper for 12 hours, I would prefer my LO to be in something that is more breathable. The wool we use is SOFT and squishy! It is not itchy and scratchy like most wool is. It is amazing!
You can buy SBISH fitteds and wool here.

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