Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ever Sew Clever Bowl Covers

I recently bought some reusable bowl covers from Ever Sew Clever and I LOVE them SO much that I am going to be reviewing them : ) They are made of a cute cotton print on the outside layer and a food safe material (water resistant nylon ripstop which is PVC and BPA free!) on the inside. There is also an elastic band to hold onto the bowls for a tight fit.

Here is my custom set she made for me. I sent her the fabric (it matches my kitchen set). I was very impressed with how well it is made. I also bought a snack bag and it too is made very well! Didn't it turn out perfect? I explained what it is to my husband and he seemed interested. The first night we got them we used them on our left overs. Husband was the one to clean up and he told me that they were "Really neat" and that we "Should get more"! How awesome is that? He doesn't really like my whole 'save money by reusing' stuff so I was really shocked that he liked them. He is set in his 'easy' ways (Disinfectant wipes instead of unpaper towels and all purpose cleaners, etc) so I was really blown away that he liked these.

I ended up buying more of these because I love them so much! They keep your food fresh and they are a TON easier to use that plastic wrap. That is why my husband love them so much. He HATES trying to use plastic wrap. It always sticks together and he can't pull it apart but then doesn't stick to the bowls, you know how it is. It's a pain in the butt and expensive!

These are cute and last a long time! All you have to do is wipe it out or wash them in your washer (NOT dishwasher) after you are done using them. SO easy and simple. I let mine air dry and it doesn't take long for them to dry either. She makes them in whatever fabric you want (she has a LOT of cute fabrics here) and makes them in small (6 inch bowls), medium (8 inch bowls), or large (10 inch bowls). I have found that even my larger sizes can fit smaller bowls. The prices are $6.50 (sm), $7.50 (med), and $8.50 (lrg) which is a great price for something you will be using everyday over and over again!
You can find her Etsy page here. Her web page here. Her Facebook here.

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