Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SoftBums Omni Review!

SoftBums asked me to review their Omni diaper with SUPER DryTouch pods. I was very excited about it. I have heard nothing but good things about their diapers and was glad to be able to try one for myself. The Omni diaper is an All In Two, pocket diaper, AND a cover! Plus it is a one size diaper which is a HUGE plus! Their unique design makes the diaper trim for any age. (Even newborns!)

The shell is made of a waterproof layer on the outside and a micro fleece inner. There is a pocket opening (if you prefer to use it as a pocket diaper) and a snap on the inside of the diaper (to use it as an AI2). [The snap does not touch the babies skin if using it as a pocket diaper.] The elastic is soft and stretchy. There is a small hole in the front of the diaper which is where the drawstring elastic can be found (to adjust the diaper). [Video on how to adjust the drawstring elastic coming SOON!] I preferred to use the diaper as an AI2 (you get more bang for your buck if you use it as an AI2 since you can reuse the diaper more than once).

You can see that the insert is much longer than the diaper. That is actually a great feature! Not only does it mean more absorbency for your baby, but it also means that you don't have to buy sized inserts like other AI2 systems. What I do is lay the diaper down like it is shown above. Lay the baby on top of the diaper.

I fold down the insert on the baby as shown above.

Then I stretch the cover up over the insert so that it doesn't bunch up and so it goes up high enough.

Perfect fit!

It is such a trim diaper! We really like this system. We have never had any leaks in this diaper even when the soaker was very wet. I love that it is a one size diaper and that it fits your baby perfectly no matter what your babies body type is! Some OS diapers don't fit right because the rise is too short or the legs are too lose or tight but you never have that problem with the SoftBums diapers!

Another great thing about these diapers is that the cover rarely gets wet or damp like other AI2 diapers that have a micro fleece inner. The back of the insert is wide which helps prevent leaks. Since the insert folds down in the front, there is less of a chance that the cover will be wet by the time you change your baby. We have used this diaper at night and haven't had a leak! Very very amazing! (I used one pod plus the newborn insert)

I would highly recommend this diaper! You can buy it here.

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