Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review ~ The Silver Liner Mama Pads

The Silver Liner asked me to review a panty liner and I happily agreed. The liner is flannel but she also makes them with minky (my favorite!). The liner is 8 inches long which I think is about the perfect length. There are snaps on the wings which secures it in place. The liner was comfortable to wear and breathable. It worked fantastic! I couldn't help but notice the excellent sewing skills as I was looking over it to review. You can tell that everything she makes is high quality. I've been able to wash it a few times and it still looks brand new. I would highly recommend these pads to everyone! 

Some of her other mama pads she's made before. (Made with minky) How wonderful do these look?! 

The Silver Liner makes a wide range of amazing products. Not only does she made awesome mama pads, she also makes wipes, wet bags, breast pads, Swiffer reusable mop pads, dust pads, duster refills, and more! Everything is priced very reasonably. An all flannel 8 inch pad (like the one I reviewed) is only $3.25. What an awesome price that is!
You can find her on EtsyHyena Cart, and Facebook. Make sure you go and like her today!

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