Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review ~ The Silver Liner Swiffer Mop Pads

I was asked to review a Swiffer reusable mop pad made by The Silver Liner. I happily said yes. We have a Swiffer Mop and as much as I love it, it's expensive! The costs of the refills and the mop pads really add up quickly! I really hate wasting those pads and throwing them away into more landfills. We try to use a regular mop more often but the Swiffer is more convenient and easier to clean up little messes (and trust me we have tons of those with a 2 year old). I really like the Swiffer but I also don't feel like it cleans all too well. The mop pads are thin and don't seem to pick up all the dirt too well.
I was so impressed with the high quality of the mop pad that The Silver Liner sent me. It is made of microfiber and topped with a special fabric that is perfect for sticking onto the velcro on the mop. It stuck on the mop well and didn't come off when I was mopping. I was worried about it because our kitchen floor is really rough and is hard to mop with any kind of mop. The day I received the pad in the mail, my son dropped a plate that had a bunch of ketchup on it. I pulled out the mop and started to test it out.
I sprayed the area like normal but it didn't push all too well so I added a little bit more mop spray and it worked great. It picked up the ketchup right away and didn't smear it around at all. It seemed to work better than the disposable mop pads. I mopped the bathroom (which is tile and is smoother than the kitchen) and it worked great. It picked up the dust and lint a lot better than the disposable pads too.
I had my mom test it out too and she said she really liked it and that it cleaned a lot better than the disposable pads. My mom is weird about all my 'natural/crunchy' types of things. She is very hesitant on trying new things and is stuck in her own ways. So for her to say she liked it was a big deal : ) We both really love this and are going to order more. They are amazing!
You can see she also makes Swiffer duster refills and Swiffer dry pads which would be great for wood floors!

You can like her Facebook page here. You can buy these reusable mop pads and tons of other awesome things in her Hyena Cart and Etsy store. These mop pads are only $5 or $9 for 2. It's a great deal and will end up saving you a ton of money!

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  1. It is made of microfiber and topped with a special fabric that is perfect for sticking onto
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