Monday, January 24, 2011

Bum Genius AIO (Deluxe)

The All In Ones are very similar to the pocket diapers. Except that instead of stuffing the diaper, the insert is already attached. It's the most simplest diaper! It's a great started diaper. All you have to do it put it on, take it off, and put on a new one. Very "Daddy" friendly! It is a sized diaper instead of a One Size diaper which means it's trimmer.

Here is my LO (4 months old) in a Deluxe AIO

My review:
These are one of my favorite diapers! They are absorbent, trim, easy to use, and cute! I love that they are one piece of fabric on the inside which makes it VERY easy to clean off when LO poops. The only thing I don't like about them is that it takes FOREVER to dry!! And that they tend to stink more than any other diaper. Oh and they are discontinued : ( Hate that! I can barely find them anywhere! Beth from Sweet Bottoms Baby Boutique still have some left! So if you are interested in trying one out, I would hurry and get them now before they are all gone. The link to her store is on the right side of the screen! (The first button) She offers free shipping on every order to the US.

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