Monday, January 31, 2011

Wish List

I have a huge wish list. Do you? Or am I the only weird one that has one? I love selling and trading so I can try out new diapers.
#1 I would LOVE to try a Raga Babe. I think that is #1 on my wish list. I want to try both the AIO and the AI2.
#2 Nifty Nappy is next on my list. I want to try one before she goes out of business :' ( I would love to try her Heavy Doody diaper too.
#3 Fuzzi Bunz OS Hemp diaper. I've always wanted to try the FB OS and now that they have the hemp I want to try it even more! I'm trying to go more natural and do more organic diapers so I'm really wanting to try this one!
#4 Charlie Banana. I've heard nothing but good things about them but I'm not a fan of front stuffing diapers so I'm nervous about getting one. I would love to try them and see why everyone loves them though.
#5 Happy Heiny. Surprisingly, I have never tried a HH before. I'm not a velcro fan and I've heard mixed reviews about them. I would like to try one though. I want to try one of every diaper brand out there : ) Plus I love their new prints!
#6 SoftBums. I have been seeing these around and I've been wanting to snag one. I haven't really heard anything about the diapers so I'm nervous to try them. They look great though!
#7 Blueberry. I've wanted to try these for the longest time. I don't know why I've never bought one though. I love the prints!
#8 GroVia AIO. Now I have one of these but they are on my wish list! I want their new prints SO bad!!! I want to get a few more! Love these diapers!
#9 Bottombumpers. I am very curious about these! I have heard pretty good things about them so I would love to try one out!
#10 Cutiepoops. I've been wanting to try these for the longest time! They look so cute!
#11 The Eli Monster Pocket diaper. I've seen this on Ali and Swan and they are SO cute! I'm nervous about ordering from WAHMs (after I've gotten ripped off a LOT) but Ali and Swan only carry the best of products and I'm wanting tons of diapers she carries.
#12 OrangePiggy's LittleDog. This isn't a diaper but GORGEOUS longies and shorties. Her work is AMAZING and I've been wanting to order something from her for a LONG time now. I have a cute little bear I've won from her and I love it! Her work is awesome!

SO... What is on your wish list?


  1. ugh i have a mile long list, too.. BUT i can tell you - Charlie Banana is the first I bought and thus far still my FAVE!!! i don't even know what to tell you about them, I just LOVE them.
    also Happy Heinys - now comes in SNAPS! no velcro! i don't like velcro at all and so was hesitant until I was told about the NEW snap version! try them - they fit my tall, skinny 9 month old BEAUTIFULLY! but due to the design of the flaps i think they'd fit any baby (more like a 'sposie!)

  2. I love my softbums. Really easy to size and they fit awesome.