Sunday, January 23, 2011

How It All Started

When I was pregnant, I decided I would do disposable diapers. I thought cloth diapers were gross! And I'm NOT touching poop! EW!! I had my son and cloth diapers never really entered my mind. A few months later, my friend posted a link about Pampers and chemical burns. She posted it as "Another reason to use cloth diapers". I read the article and I was horrified!! There was a picture of a poor baby's bum with BURNS all over it! My heart broke for that poor child. I vowed to never use Pampers! A few weeks went by and she posted another link about the chemical burns. I read the article and I started thinking about cloth diapers. Before reading the articles, I never thought about chemicals in disposable diapers. I only want the best for my son so I started really thinking about cloth diapers. I was nervous though. I knew nothing about them or how to take care of them.
So I asked my friend about them and how to take care of them. She helped me SO much! She gave me a run down of the different kinds of CDs and websites of a few different brands. I didn't even know CDs had come so far! I thought they were prefolds and plastic pants. So I looked and looked and finally decided to buy 2 used diapers from Diaper Swappers. I bought a Thirsties AIO and a BG AIO.

My LO in his first CD

I fell in love right away! They were cute and my LO looked SO cute in them! They were horrible diapers. They leaked all over because the previous owner didn't take care of them right (the leaked through the front of the diaper as if they were fitteds). But I fell in love anyway! And so the addiction began. Now we are able to cloth diaper full time (7 months later) and we both love it.

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