Monday, January 24, 2011

Bum Genius aio (Elemental)

I FINALLY bought my first Elemental a few weeks ago. I am CHEAP! so it was hard for me to justify spending $27 on one diaper. But I am in love so far! It is organic cotton on the inside which is nice and soft on the inside. It is also a One Size diaper so it will last you much longer than the sized AIOs. They are very absorbent!!! My LO slept much longer than I expected (about an extra 2 hours than he normally does) and he didn't have a leak at all! I was amazed!

My review:
I really like this diaper! Love that it's one size, organic and natural fibers, absorbent, and very well made. The only thing I don't like is that the poo doesn't come off as easily as the Deluxe AIO. Other wise, a great diaper!
I will post a picture soon.

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